What is Email Tracker ?
Email Tracker is the new breed of email hosting solutions. In addition to everything that a conventional email server does, we provide several value added services. Our patent pending technology provides you complete visibility of all incoming and outgoing emails across your entire organization. The managers and supervisors in the team can now maintain a pulse on the organization by staying informed of all internal and external communication, but while being in a stealth mode.

How you are differ from other hosting company?
Email Tracker is the new and smart way of hosting your email server. It has everything that a conventional email hosting service provides, and much more.

We have a website, and our provider also provides us email. What do I need to do to use Email Tracker ?
Your website can continue to be hosted where it is now. No need to make any changes.

Is there any downtime when we switch to Email Tracker?
Virtually None! We can get your email back on its feet within minutes.

What happens to the emails residing in our old email server ?
As always take a backup, just to be safe.

Is Email Tracker secure ?

Is this a complicated service?
Email Tracker is a hosted solution and you need to host your domain on our server rest everything will then be managed through our servers . You will always have full control of your emails with out any hassle.

I want to track outgoing emails for one of my team members, but I don’t want him to be aware of this as it may impact motivation and commitment. Is this possible?
Yes. As supervisor you have legal and HR responsibility to stay informed of all communication happening in/out of your team. Our solution would allow that without making it known to your team members.

What about backup?.
All emails (incoming and outgoing) are backed up for eternity! Even those emails that have been deleted within Outlook.

Ours is a small company of 5 users can i avail this service?
There is no barriers for the user even you have 5 ID to 500 ID.

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